Liquorice with Apricot, cube

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Liquorice with Apricot, 140g

Liquorice flavoured winegums sprinkled with Apricot powder.

The intense coating of apricot provides an overwhelming fresh and sweet taste, which compliments the soft raw liquorice, which have a dark, powerfull taste with a light bitterness. A fantastic flavour combination!


Sugar, Glucose-fructosesyrup, corn starch, water, liquorice, flour sugar, ammoniochloride, salt, coconut oil, apricot powder, glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Nutrition information per 100g

Energy 1497 KJ / 358 kcal
Fat 0,2g
 - of which saturated fat 0,2g
Cabohydrates 88g
 - which sugars 61g
Protein 0,1g
Salt 0,4g

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