LOVE edition - Elderflower with Apple, cube

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140g of gourmet winegums.

The delicious and sweet taste of the well-known elderflower and the sour taste of apple creates a unique tasting experience.

Kristian tells about the inspiration behind the taste: “This flavour combination takes me back to my grandmothers garden, where the smell from the apple trees and elderflower trees stand crystal clear in my memory. The combination of these two flavours are incredibly delicious, and also brings great memories and positive energy to me”.

Enjoy this delicious gourmet winegum now, created with inspiration from the Danish garden.


Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, corn starch, acidity regulators (apple citrate, sodium citrate), natural flavouring, flour sugar, coconut oil, Apple powder, glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Energy 1432 KJ / 342 kcal
Fat 0,2g
 - of which saturated fat 0,2g
Cabohydrates 83g
 - which sugars 59g
Protein 0,1g
Salt 0,1g


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