Lime with Sour Lemon, cube
Lime with Sour Lemon, cube

Lime with Sour Lemon, cube

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Lime with Sour Lemon - 140g

Lime winegum sprinkled with an acidic lemon powder

Lime with an acidic twist.

The fresh breath of lime possesses an overwhelming fresh yet sweet taste that is accompanied by a slight bitter and sour lemon flavour. These two elements go brilliantly hand in hand to create a balanced tasting experience in the sour region of the tasting palette. 


Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, corn starch, acidity regulators (apple citrate, sodium citrate), natural flavouring, flour sugar, colour (gooseberry), coconut oil, Sour lemon powder, glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Nutritional content per 100g

Energy 1432 KJ / 342 kcal
Fat 0,2g
 - of which saturated fat 0,2g
Cabohydrates 83g
 - which sugars 59g
Protein 0,1g
Salt 0,1g


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