Elderflower with Sour Lemon - Mango with Raspberry - Liquorice with Passion fruit


‘The Garden of Love’ is a dedication to the loved ones - for whatever reason. Its a collection of sweet indulgence for that special person who needs a something extraordinary. We have made an effort so that you can make an effort. 


Elderflower with Sour Lemon

The fine sweet flavour of the elderflower is combined with a fruity perfume of fresh Cherry. This highly requested flavour will not disappoint any cherry-lover out there. 


Mango with Raspberry

Our popular new Mango with Raspberry represents the essence of love for fresh fruit. The instant explosion of fresh raspberries intensified by means of freeze-drying the fresh fruit, followed by the tasty mango, has quickly become an all-time favourite. 


Liquorice with Passionfruit

The sweet notes from the liquorice is perfectly accompanied with the dark rich berry taste of the blackberry. Dont miss out on this intense must-try flavour combination


177,00 kr