Shareable Advent calendar 2020 - Copper
Shareable Advent calendar 2020 - Copper

Shareable Advent calendar 2020 - Copper

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This year's Advent calendar - 528 g 

A sweet symphony of all the best we have to offer

In this calendar we have double the amount of wine gum compared to our normal 'dark rose' and 'dusty blue' calendars. It is therefore perfect for sharing - or for a particularly large wine gum fan.

We are delighted to present to you this year's Advent calendar which presents all of our delicious flavours. In this calendar you get 12 different flavours, all of which will occur twice. This year's Advent calendar is produced in sustainable materials, is recyclable and produced in Braille. 

Look forward to this sweet symphony of intriguing flavours, which is truly the crown jewel in this year's assortment, and which we will enjoy with you, all the way until December 24.


Mango with Raspberries; Mango with Passionfruit; Blackcurrant wit Salty Liquorice; Blackcurrant with Strawberry; Elderflower with Ginger; Lime with Figs; Lime with Sour Lemon; Quince with Clementine; Liquorice with Sea Buckthorn; Liquorice with Coffee; Apple with Gooseberry; Apple with Yuzu.