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LOVE is in the air with WALLY and WHIZ 2020

LOVE is in the air with WALLY and WHIZ 2020

For that special person who really deserves it. 
LOVE is about showing appreciation for the ones you care for. That special person who is always there for you in whatever shape or form that may be.
We have put a lot of time and effort into making this very collection
something quite out of the ordinary - so that you can do the same.  
This years LOVE collection is a collection of nothing less than 5 different giftable items for you to share, and to let you and someone else be surprised. We invite you into our universe where only the best will pass the bar, and where its all about creating the very best experiences for you.  

The Garden of LOVE 2020


CONTENT - 27 flowpacks (11g each)

We will, yet again, take you on a culinary adventure of delicious flavor combinations added a distinctive touch of LOVE. LOVE has many colours and flavours, and so does our gift box. Regardless of your preference, we are quite sure you will find something for you to enjoy. 
CONTENT - 15 flowpacks (11g each)
Here, we are presenting a sleek yet tasty combination of 5 assorted flavours including our two LOVE collection flavours. With 15 bags in total there is however plenty for everyone to try.  
CONTENT - 2 cubes of each 140g
Our GARDEN OF LOVE 2-cube gift box is the first of its kind containing two lovely cubes in one beautiful giftbox full of LOVE. 
New flavour combinations LOVE 2020
This years flavours are made with nothing but love. 
Elderflower flavoured winegums sprinkled with blueberry powder.
The light and subtle sweetness from the elderflower is the perfect partner for the exploding blueberry flavour surrounding this magnificent winegum. A seductive combination that calls for more. The barriers for berry flavours have once again been altered. If you want to surprise someone in a positive way, this will get you of to a good start. 
Blackcurrant flavoured winegums sprinkled with Rose Leaves.
The blackcurrant gives a fresh characteristic and deep aromatic flavour which creates a fruity and delicate connection together with the light perfume from the rose leaves. A seductive combination that calls for more.