Christmas with Wally & Whiz 2019

Christmas with Wally & Whiz 2019

Before you know it Christmas will arrive 

Christmas brings families together, with it’s wonderful traditions and ‘hygge’. 
The long awaited Christmas Advent Calendars from Wally & Whiz have arrived and we are happy to present some very special flavours and designs this year. 
This years Advent Calendars come in different sizes so you and your loved ones can look forward to open new and surprising doors every day in December. 
With this years advent Calender you will be able to taste all the wonderful flavours from our delicious winegum universe. 

Advent Calenders 2019



We will, yet again, take you on a culinary adventure of delicious flavor combinations added a distinctive touch of Christmas joy. We love Christmas surprises and with this Christmas Advent Calender we have added a little extra glam to your December.
This GOLD Christmas Advent Calender is LIMITED EDITION and only produced in a limited quantity. 

Christmas Calender  2019 (RED/GREEN) 
Wally and Whiz presents this years delicious Christmas calender that with  its quirky design, encourages creativity and hygge every day in December.
Look forward to an enchanting journey of flavors as you countdown to Christmas Eve with us.
This year we have designed this sharable christmas advent calender for those who are felling the Christmas sharing spirit. 
Every door you open will bring you a new flavour of the full size cube of 140g. 
That’s why this Christmas advent calender is perfect for the office, school class, the whole family or even the football team.

New flavour combinations Christmas 2019

This years flavours is composed with a focus on great Danish traditional ingredients, which brings back lovely Christmas memories.
Discover our new flavor combinations that will surely tickles your taste and get you in the right Christmas mood.
Peach flavoured winegums sprinkled with pear powder.
Combinations that keep on giving.
Pear is an ancient traditional fruit closely related to the apple. Through hundreds of years we have used the pear in Danish cuisine. In combination with peach, the pear keeps the two flavors in perfect balance. 
The sour-sweet peach in combination with the pear is an extraordinary delicious and varied taste that will surprise most of us. This combination brings a fresh of breath air to the heavy Christmas food.
Elderflower flavoured winegums sprinkled with cherry powder.
A delicate interplay of classical flavors
Winter is coming. This winegum unites two of the Danish summer’s great champions. Cherry and elderflower. The delicate sweet and sour flavor of the elderflower coated in the characteristic deep red and almost marzipan like flavor of the cherry, has put this winegum among the favorites.
Lime flavoured winegums sprinkled with orange powder.
A fresh sour note
Oranges provide a fresh characteristic and aromatic note, that create a sour and delicate contrast to the deep, sour flavor of lime. Oranges are the perfect Christmas citrus fruit.
The orange’s and lime’s sweetness full and characteristic aroma will for a lot of people recall lovely Christmas memories and wonderful traditions. 
Wally & Whiz wish you a Merry Christmas with a lot of lovely winegum moments!