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Gift boxes

Delicious Danish winegum made from raw materials of the highest quality. It is vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free – made to be enjoyed by all.

Our gift boxes are carefully curated, there is something for everyone - whether you enjoy the sweet, the slightly tart or some other taste experience. Our gift boxes come in various sizes and in a broad selection of delicious flavour combinations. 

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28 products

Wally and Whiz taste kit, 99g
LOVEThe Love Box, 480g
The Love Box, 480g Sale price€24,00
LOVEPink Flamingo - Hibiscus with Raspberry, 140g
LOVERed Flamingo - Blackcurrant with Strawberry, 140g
LOVEHeart box, 605g
Heart box, 605g Sale price€39,00
SignatureSold outThe Signature Box by Sasu Laukkonen, 480g
SignatureSold outThe Signature Box by Thomas Bühner, 480g
SignatureSold outThe Signature Box by Jeppe Foldager, 480g
Sold outA Taste of Denmark, 420g
A Taste of Denmark, 420g Sale price€28,00
Grown on Trees, 560g
Grown on Trees, 560g Sale price€35,50
Limited editionThe Easter Box, 480g
The Easter Box, 480g Sale price€24,00
Limited editionOrange Easter chicken containing Mango with passionfruit, 140g
Limited editionPurple Easter chicken containing Liquorice with sea buckthorn, 140g
Limited editionPink Easter chicken box containing Hibiscus with raspberry, 140g
Limited editionRamadan calendar - 32 bags, 352g
Limited editionSold outThe Ramadan Box, 420g
The Ramadan Box, 420g Sale price€28,00
Sold outThe Black Box, 420g
The Black Box, 420g Sale price€28,00
Sold outGrown on Plants and Bushes, 560g
Sold outThe Family Box, 840g
The Family Box, 840g Sale price€50,50
Sold outThe Rainbow Box, 1260g
The Rainbow Box, 1260g Sale price€68,50
Gift card
Gift card Sale priceFrom €10,00
Limited editionRamadan refill – 32 bags, 352g
Limited editionYellow Easter chicken containing Quince with Apple, 140g
Limited editionGreen Easter chicken containing Lime with Sour Lemon, 140g
Limited editionBuy More - Save MoreThe Easter Egg - 28 bags, 308g
Limited editionEaster Mix - 30 bags, 330g
Easter Mix - 30 bags, 330g Sale price€21,50
Limited editionEaster Mix - 125 bags, 1.375g
Easter Mix - 125 bags, 1.375g Sale price€100,00
Limited editionElderflower with kaffir lime, 240g