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At Wally and Whiz, we have reinvented the traditional winegum and created our own Danish winegum.

A winegum made with love and passion. A winegum of the highest quality. A winegum that has the flavour and the taste of the natural ingredients it is made from.

We always pair two complimentary flavours in our winegums to create delicious taste experiences. And in our never-ending search for new and exciting flavours, we are constantly challenging the traditional winegum experience.




Wally and Whiz was created with a dream of making an honest winegum. It all started in a kitchen in an apartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen – the home of our founder, Kristian Them Hansen.

Kristian has always been quite fond of winegum! He would eat them often. But although he was able to tell the flavours apart, he couldn't really taste what the exact flavours were. Then one day the idea came to him – it had to be possible to make a winegum that both tasted like and contained real fruit, one that didn't have countless additives. He wanted to make the world's best winegum using the best possible raw materials.

A bottle of blackcurrant juice, a bag of vegan starch and some citric acid from the local supermarket were among the first ingredients to enter Kristian's pots. He tested and tossed away ingredients like some wizard behind the big pots to create the winegum he was dreaming of.

The small flat was quickly filled with ingredients – various flavours, sugars and starches. Two tonnes, to be exact.

In fall 2015, Wally and Whiz shipped its first order, and the small square winegums are now available in more than 800 stores across 30 countries.