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At Wally and Whiz, we wish to take good care of each other and of the planet we inhabit together, which is why we focus on responsibility. We want to do what is right and are constantly inspired, just as we want to inspire others.



We only use raw materials of the highest quality, and we also make it a priority to purchase from suppliers that are as close to our production as possible. The shorter the distances our raw materials have to be transported, the lower the carbon footprint.



Our new winegum tubs are made from recycled plastic, and we have lowered our plastic consumption by 40 percent compared to earlier. We encourage people to repurpose the empty tubs – for instance, they can be used to store spices, coins, pencils or similar purposes. Further, we have made it possible to buy refills for our Christmas calendar, so it can be used year after year.

All cardboard and paper used for packaging is of course FSC-certified, which means that we support sustainable forestry.


Do you have an idea for how to repurpose our jars after the last winegum has been eaten? Help inspire us and others by using the hashtag #ReuseWally when sharing photos of how you repurpose our tubs.



We are constantly working to optimise our work processes with the aim of minimising our resource spending as well as our carbon footprint. An example of this is our continuous quality assurance, which ensures fewer costumer claims and thus a reduction in waste.

We also try our best to avoid partial deliveries and to instead ship our customers' orders all at once. This reduces not only the CO2 emissions associated with additional transport, but also the amount of outer packaging.

By improving our production planning, we also ensure that the items our customers demand are in stock.



At Wally and Whiz, we want to uphold our social responsibility and help where we can. Since 2015, we have been supporting selected charities via the sale of Signature – an exclusive and limited range of winegums developed with some of the country's very best celebrity chefs. The charities are selected by the chefs – and we are both pleased and proud to have been able to support BørneTelefonen under Børns Vilkår, Red Cross, Association of Cancer Affected Children, Gadens Børn and Landsforeningen Downs Syndrom, among others.



Waste sorting is a small effort that makes a huge difference. Let's help each other sort packaging properly. Here you can see how our packaging should be sorted:

Soft plastic: Flowpacks and lids from gift boxes
Hard plastic: Tubs incl. lids
Cardboard: Bottoms from gift boxes