SignatureTM - A unique tasting experience with a good conscience

Our Signature line is created in collaboration with some of the worlds best chefs in the Michelin star league. Quality is as always paramount to our work, and the signature line is surely no exception. In collaborating with these chefs, we have only one condition:

Each chef must choose a charity cause which improving the lifes of kids in need, to which we donate the profits from sales.

Since 2015 we have had annual signature projects running. The projects contribute to pushing our limits with regards to the combination of flavours, and helps us to discover new nuances in known as well as rare ingredients. With the signature line, we wish to take you on our journey in discovering unknown territory, and memorable tasting experiences, while at the same time supporting a good cause selected by our collaborating chefs.  

Previous projects:

  • Paul Cunningham, Henne Kirkeby Inn
    • Flavour: Blackcurrant with Verbena
    • Charity cause: "National Association Downs Syndrom"
  • Per Hallundbæk, Falsled Inn
    • Flavour: Apple with Anisisop
    • Charity cause: "Kids of the street"
  • Jacob de Neergaard, Søllerød Inn
    • Flavour: Grape with Yuzu
    • Charity cause: "The association Kids with Cancer"
  • Jakob Mielcke, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
  • Flavour: Liquorice with Woodruff
  • Charity cause: Red Cross

Current project: 

  • Claus Henriksen, Dragsholm Slot
    • Flavour: Peach with Bronze Fennel
    • Charity cause: BØRNS VILKÅR (Børnetelefonen) - Children's Hotline



Dragsholm Castle is one of the oldest still functioning secular castles in Denmark. The castle has been awarded both a Michelin Star chef under Chef Claus Henriksen, as well as membership of the hotel- and restaurant guide "Relais & Châteaux". 


The Children's Hotline is an initiative available free of charge as a support hotline for children in difficult situations small as large. These could be anything from family crises, mental as well as physical abuse, as well as other important matters arriving from neglect at home. 

The Childrens Hotline carried out more than 50.000 calls with children in 2019. 


Peaches has a special place in the heart of Claus Henriksen as they grow around the castle where they give fruit every other year. These have hence been a steady bi-annual part of the menu at Dragsholm Castle. 

Bronze Fennel is additionally grown around the castle. The Bronze fennel, which has been harvested and used for this SIGNATURE winegum, has a intense fennel and liquorice like flavour that lasts alongside the peach flavour of the winegum. 

Both flavours consequently concludes the essence of what Dragsholm Castle inspiration of Claus Henriksen.