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Return policy

If you wish to regret your purchase

WALLY and WHIZ offers in accordance with danish law a 14 days full return policy applying from the day the goods are received. 
You therefore need to send an unbiased notification, that you wish to cancel your purchase within 14 days of reception hereof. This notification should be sent to, and should contain your name, address of the recipient of the goods as well as bank details. 
In your message you need to be clear that you wish to exercise your right of return. You cannot regret your purchase simply by refusing to receive the good upon delivery.   


You need to send the goods back to us with no further delay than, and no later 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to regret your purchase. You are responsible for the cost associated with the the return of the products to our ware house.  
By returning the goods, the responsibility lies on you to carefully package the goods. In case the seal has been broken, you loose your right to return the goods. 

When returning the goods the following address should be used: 
Wally and Whis ApS  
Att: Customer service  
Walgerholm 9
3500 Værløse
You are also able to hand in the products in person on the above address. In that case, please notify us about your visit on 

Getting your money back

We transfer your money back to you no later than 14 days after we have received the goods and in case the above demands have been kept. 
WALLY and WHIZ hold the right to withdraw a certain amount of money in case the value of the goods returned have diminished e.g. through damage or other sign of usage. Please include a copy of the order confirmation with your return shipment.