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Purpose and Quality

Purpose and Quality

WALLY and WHIZ is based on a dream to make one winegum for the entire world. An inclusive winegums that gathers people, regardless of taste, intolerances, age, religion or geographic origin. 

We wish to challenge status quo in everything we do and set a higher standard. Quality for us means doing the right thing, even when people are not looking. We stand up for what we believe in, even if it means standing alone. 

With an intention to create an honest and clean product in a class of its own, we have set out to develop a vegan family of winegums that pleases everyone. We use no artificial flavours or colours, our products are lactose free, free from gluten and with any gelatine or other animal substances. 

On the creative side, we inspire ourselves greatly from all kitchens of the world, and work hard to be first movers in introducing new flavour combinations. Herein we take pleasure in daring to challenge our taste buds and flavour horizons to bring new, exiting and memorable tasting experiences to the world.