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Signature Editions

The Signature series is an exclusive and limited collection of winegums developed in collaboration with some of the best chefs the world has to offer. Talented personalities, that are working with taste experiences every day - exactly like we do ourselves. We are inspired by flavours from all over the world when we develop new products, and because of this, it is a given that we collaborate with chefs, that are not solely from Denmark, but from all over the world. 

Our Signature™ Series has allowed us to help those in need since we launched the collection in 2015. 

In this edition three star chefs, German Thomas Bühner, Finnish Sasu Laukkonen and Danish Jeppe Foldager, have developed three unique flavours:

Lime winegum coated with chervil- and blueberry powder
Yuzu winegum coated with shiso powder
Liquorice coated with lemon thyme and lemon verbena powder

Below, you can embark on an adventure in the various flavors, as well as see how your purchase benefits people in need.

You can read more about Signature™ here.

Thank you so much for your participation. 


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SignatureYuzu with shiso, 240g
Yuzu with shiso, 240g Sale price€12,50
SignatureThe Signature Box by Sasu Laukkonen, 480g