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About Signature™

A tribute to the extraordinary tasting experience

Here at Wally and Whiz we love flavours and love to explore a variety of flavour universes. And why not invite like-minded people to join the journey?

The Signature series is an exclusive and limited collection of winegums developed in collaboration with some of the best chefs the world has to offer. Talented personalities, that are working with taste experiences every day - exactly like we do ourselves. We are inspired by flavours from all over the world when we develop new products, and because of this, it is a given that we collaborate with chefs, that are not solely from Denmark, but from all over the world. 

We are truly honoured that our Signature™ Series has allowed us to help those in need since we launched the collection in 2015. For every product sold, the chefs have chosen a charity case to support. Go here to see your newest collection.

"Our idea with Signature™ is to honour the joy of good taste. In collaboration with some of the most talented chefs, we will take you on a journey, where we will challenge, nurture and refine traditional and untraditional flavours by making exciting combinations and hereby create new, exceptional and unforgettable taste experiences. All of this, while supporting a charity case."

 Kristian Them Hansen, grundlægger af Wally and Whiz


The chefs and their charity cases

It is entirely up to chefs to decide, which charity organisations, that we support. 

Down below you will find a list of all chefs and charities, we have supported:

We thank you wholeheartedly to everyone buying or retailing our Signature winegums, because it makes it possible for us to help those in need.